Five Steps To Easily Increase Home Air Quality

We have to wear masks in public but the last place you want to worry about germs and air quality is in your home! Follow these five steps for peace of mind.

Change your Filter

HVAC filters should be changed at least once a year. There are many factors that affect the lifespan of a filter, but the typical homeowner should consider climate, pets, and allergies. If you live in a climate where you run your system for six to twelve months of the year your air filters are collecting a lot of material. Pet dander circulates through the air and into your hvac system similarly to dust. In addition to cleaning for pet hair, dander, and pollen, filter changes need to be part of your regular maintenance.

Schedule An Air Duct Inspection

Your air ducts allow air to flow efficiently throughout your home. Dirty, uninsulated, or damaged ductwork can account for 20-30% of lost HVAC efficiency-causing high utility bills. Airborne debris settles in your ductwork as it circulates through the home, causing obstruction to airflow and reducing energy efficiency and air quality; professional duct inspections and cleaning should be done annually. Because ductwork runs through areas that are often not heated or cooled, temperature differentials can greatly influence the temperature of the air prior to it exiting your vent. Protected ductwork ensures the air reaches you in the same temperature it left your HVAC unit.

Circulate the Air

Opening your doors and windows is perhaps the simplest way to remove old air and bring in new air, providing a swift revitalization that any home can appreciate! Double up on this option by adding fans to maximize air flow.

If you don’t have a UV filtration unit, now is the time to get one. With sanitation being more important than ever, these units provide an extra layer of filtration that stops micro-organisms in their tracks. Lucky for you, Fayette Plumbing Heating and Air can walk you through this process from A-Z.

UV Filtration

Control the Humidity

There are several benefits to monitoring the humidity in your home, such as better smell, decrease in allergies, and home health. But how do you go about controlling humidity?

Make sure your vents run directly outside. Letting your vented air escape prior to leaving your home can produce warm and moist air in dark spaces, a potentially hazardous mistake perfect for growing mold. Use the exhaust fans in your house, they are there for a reason! Bathroom fans hep remove humidity from those lovely hot showers we all love to take. Kitchen fans remove fumes, heat, steam, and airborne grease from your living space. Dehumidifiers and humidifiers work wonders when moderating air quality in your home. Humidifiers add moisture to the air; this can have great benefits for people with respiratory symptoms or dry skin. Dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air; this helps in getting rid of musty smells, mold, and helps lower energy costs in the Summer by increasing A/C efficiency.

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