The main cause of plumbing issues usually traces back to old piping. These issues can be a real burden and interruption to your life, so here are some signs to pay attention to regarding your pipes:

Decrease in water pressure and flow
This can mean that there is some sort of buildup in your pipes preventing them from working efficiently. We can inspect and determine the cause of this decrease in flow, as well as determine a solution.

Leaks and broken piping or fittings
If you’re noticing any leaks or broken piping, it may be time to replace those pipes. Even the smallest pipes that are easily repairable can indicate that it’s time to take a look at the entire house. We can diagnose and solve any issue with leaks or broken piping, as well as give you ways to prevent larger issues from occurring in the future.

Discolored water flowing from faucets
If you’re noticing discolored water flowing from your faucets, such as brown or yellow-looking water, this can indicate that you have rust in your pipes and that the inside of your pipes are decaying. In this case, it’s important to consider pipe replacement as soon as possible, for the health of your home and also the members of your household.

Noisy plumbing system
If you’re experiencing a noisy plumbing system, such as banging noises, this can indicate an issue with water pressure or water flow. A “water hammer,” or a loud, thudding sound that follows a water shut-off can damage joints and connections in your water pipe, and cause even more damage to your home. Noises can also result from trapped air bubbles, which can indicate that there are issues in the water line.

We have expert plumbers on our team that can diagnose and solve any of these issues that you are currently facing. Give us a call today and let us take care of your plumbing situation today.

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